Saturday, October 20, 2007

Google Image Labeler

How many times do you feel like doing absolutely nothing?

Or better yet, do something completely... irrelevant.

Irrelevant, but dare I say... addictive.

Welcome to Google Image Labeler!

So, what is this Labeler thing after all?
It's nothing less than an entertaining way to help Google label all those images on the internet.

It's quite simple. Images keep popping up and you must enter relevant tags. For instance, if a photo of someone on the beach pops up, you could write: beach, sand, ocean, sea, sun, etc.

Obviously, this alone wouldn't make it very interesting... making it, in fact, really boring for everyone but the most fanatic google evangelist.

That's why there are a couple of twists. To start with, there are forbidden words that you can't use. These are words that have already been checked by hundreds or thousands of users. In our example, beach and sea, would very probably be unavailable. So, you'll need to think harder to find suitable labels.

But above all, what makes it extremely addictive is that you're playing it with someone else online! For each image, you'll get point when your labels match the ones being entered by another person - and the longer and weirder the label, the more points you'll get!

On my first try I wasn't able to achieve any points I could brag about - but after some moments (ok, I admit it, after a long while) I was finally able to get over 1000 points - which was my objective. Of course, this will depend largely on your partner - which can be rather frustrating when you have someone that hasn't entered a single tag when you've already written 4 or 5.

But hey, there's always the next round, and it's not as if Google is going to run out of images any time soon!

Enough with the words, go check Google Image Labeler for yourself, but be warned... I'm not responsible for all the time you'll be wasting in there.

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