Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Revert to Old Blogger in Draft Interface

The new "enhanced" Google look as made its way to Blogger in draft, the beta version of the blogger interface where things are first tried before making their way into the the regular blogger platform.

However, the proposed new look has some major drawbacks, and besides the appalling color scheme (light grays on white? what are they thinking?) the most annoying difference - to me - is this:

... where you could easily get over 24 post titles visible on screen on a single page...

... you can now get half of that, if as much!

Lots and lots of wasted white space, turning any high resolution screen into something that reminds me of the old VGA days or even the 80x25 characters text mode. It's plain nonsense!

So, how can you go back to the old draft editor?

You just need to replace the "blogger.g" in your browser's URL navigation bar with "posts.g", turning the new layout:

into the old layout...

I sincerely hope the Blogger team is listening and will do something about it.


  1. I could kiss you! Thanks. I have been trying to get back to the old editor and one time I did, but the next time I logged on it was back to the new editor. I really dislike the changes. I am so happy to see the old ugly blue and white instead of the pretty light grey and white.

  2. Glad to be of help, I'm really trying to get used to the new interface - and in some parts, I do really like it - but I'm forced to go back to the old one until Blogger addresses some of the issues, like the wasted space and poor color scheme.

  3. the trick doesn't seem to work anymore

  4. I can't get back to the old layout. I need to change some account setting.

  5. Still working fine here.
    The other day I got a glitch about my Google+ profile, and forcing me to revert back to the old blogger profile. I did it, and the next day it prompted me back to using the new Google+ profile. But that's unrelated to this.

  6. I really appreciate this simple yet elusive tweak. The new layout is something that I fail to identify with visually. Thanks loads! =)

  7. Thank you very very much sir.........

    rahul sethi fatehabad


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