Friday, July 8, 2011

New Blogger Look - Still Lots to be Done

We all knew a new and improved Blogger was coming - it's interface was long past due, and we all welcomed a better one. But, as with all changes, I was both wishing for it... and afraid of it.

I wasn't one of the selected few to try out the new Blogger look, but now it's available to all those using Blogger in Draft. And, as a "draft" user... it was time to experience first hand.

And, unfortunatelt, my worst fears were realized: if this is the new look, I'd rather have the old one!

The low contrast colors make it a lot harder to grasp, and - the worst of all - there's too much wasted white space!

(I've updated my considerations regarding this, in a new Blogger UI vs old comparison post)

Just compare the new interface, where we can now see around 12 posts on screen...

... with the old one, it could show twice as many posts per page!

How can they have not noticed this dramatic change that makes any high-res monitor as informative as an ancient 80x25 text mode monitor? At least give us the option to choose a "dense" layout ("denser" than the "dense" one being tested on gmail - which is still not enough) that closely mimics the spacing/density we had before.

Also, don't know why the blogger team is wasting time implementing their own custom scroll bar - when that's something that should be better left to the browser! Are they trying to reinvent the wheel, and making it square in the process?

I welcome change, and think this new look can really become a very good thing: but please fixe the color scheme - and more importantly - the wasted white space!

For now, if you want, you can still access the old "Blogger in Draft" looks and editor.

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