Sunday, October 28, 2007

EZTV site down?

Has the witch hunt reached The site has been down for a couple of hours.
After other popular tv links sites being shutdown about a week ago, this would be the next step in the ladder.

I hope this is just a minor glitch, updating servers, or so.

If it isn't - I hope to see a couple new sites popping up in the following days and continuing the excellent service they have provided till now.
Hydra will keep on going...

I still fail to see how any torrent tracker is more guilty than any search engine, providing just the same links...
And sharing freely available TV content??? How can that ever be a crime? Didn't you use to lend and share audio tapes/VHS/CDs/DVDs/etc. back in those days? This is the 21st century equivalent - and there's nothing nor no one that will be able to stop it.

Listen to what consumers want and provide it - or else we'll just find it ourselves.

As if traffic shaping was not enough...

Stay tuned for further updates.

Update: EZTV is now located at:

Update #2: EZTV is now at


  1. eztv is now at the sprawl !??

    what kind of BS is that ?

  2. i dodnt care if you approve the post or not this is just my way of saying you are a fwit for posting a bogus link

  3. Dear Anonymous, if you had taken the extra 2 seconds to read the date of this post, you would realize this was indeed the case... back in October 28th of 2007.

    That was nearly two years ago. Nevertheless, thank you for your comments, I'll edit the post to prevent further mindless mistakes.


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