Monday, October 22, 2007

Is Internet as we know it, doomed?

Internet's network neutrality may be coming to an end, sooner than we thought. Blaming piracy for their actions, ISPs worldwide began a massive attack on P2P traffic - traffic that isn't used for illegal purposes alone, it must be stressed - blocking and filtering data packets commonly recognized as P2P.

The problem is that, even though there are a lot of legal uses for P2P style traffic (and a lot of movie distributors have signed agreements with BitTorrent) - just as I had antecipated, there are accounts of mis-recognized traffic that is being filtered out, rendering legitimate programs and online games unusable. Just today, it has been proved that Comcast is blocking Lotus notes file transfers!

Is this the future that we want for our internet? I don't believe so.

If ISP invested their money on providing better infrastructures to accommodate for the ever growing number of users demanding ever increasing bandwidth, they wouldn't have to resort to these unacceptable methods.

What ISPs are doing, is equivalent to phone operators shutting down phone calls just because they don't like your tone of voice. I believe this won't be able to last long, as customers will certainly make them honor their contracts, in which - I'm sure, censoring internet access is not part of the deal they made.

Head to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and take action against this act of terrorism.

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