Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Comcast... part 2

After the evidence that Comcast is indeed hampering P2P traffic (and not only) they are now trying to do some damage management.

Instead of blocking traffic, a Comcast executive stated they are simply "delaying it", and then proceeded to comparing it to getting a busy signal when trying to call someone (that sounds a lot like blocking to me!)

When a customer subscribes a 8/12/24Mbits internet connection, he expects to be able to use it in whatever way he/she sees fit. It might use to conduct a video conference with friends around the world, or use BitTorrent to download the latest Ubuntu release (or any of the other thousands of legally available files and media).

By selling bandwidth they can't possibly supply for every customer, Comcast now faces a serious problem, having to restrict those who actually use the service they paid for. I hope this issue doesn't go unpunished and forces ISPs to reconsider their stealthy tactics.

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