Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Transformers HD-DVD breaks record

Paramout has recently announced that the Transformers HD-DVD has sold 190,000 copies on its first week (100,000 of which were sold on the very first day!)

This makes it the most successful HD-DVD movie launch ever.

Warner has also experienced a nice boost when it launched the movie 300 in July, selling 250,000 copies on its first week - but those were the sum of both HD formats: 83,000 HD-DVD discs, and 167,000 Bluray discs (still shy of the 190 thousands copies achieved by Transformers).

Let's wait and see how Sony spins these numbers, to make it look like Bluray is winning the "format war".

For now, Transformers is an HD-DVD exclusive, and with cheap HD-DVD players on the horizon, things are looking good for consumers.

Nevertheless, to put things in perspective, Transformers has sold nearly 4.5 million copies on the first day alone. This should help them understand that media format wars are not good for anyone, and everybody loses! Maybe this will help teach them a lesson.

I, for once, am rooting for HD-DVD, as I can't ever support a company that tells me that ripping my own CDs is stealing!

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