Sunday, November 11, 2007

Check worlwide weather on Google Earth

Have you checked your Google Earth lately? You're in for some surprises.

First of all, you now have two extra layers: "Weather" and "MDG Monitor", but that's not all ...

Data layer organization has been completely revamped (it was about time!). You can now easily manage the smaller set of layers instead of scrolling back and forth to find the one you want.
Basic information such as roads, 3D buildings, and Weather are at the top. If you are looking for interesting things to do or places to visit, expand the "Gallery" or "Places of Interest" folders and you will find a wide selection of interesting data layers for you to explore.

And if you're a fan of everything Egyptian:
... you can now turn on the "Egypt Tourism" layer to see a collection of destinations to visit. You'll even find intricately designed 3D models of some of the famous landmarks.

I'll leave some of the new improvements for you to find out for on your own... :)

But this should keep you even more time "playing around" with Google maps... right?

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