Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple MacBook Air

And there it is, Apple's new toy. Get ready to see heads turn, endless staring sessions, and lot's of broken hearts: Apple's newest MacBook Air.

It's impossible not to look at it without wanting to forget - just for a moment - that our bank accounts don't hang in a delicate balance. This is the new "I want one of those!" flagship.

Technically, nothing truly revolutionary - just that it's the thinnest laptop ever and that it comes with a supersized multitouch capable trackpad.

If on the design department Apple continues to reign supreme, there are already a few issues that have raised some attentions: it has an internal battery that can't be replaced by end-users (unless you like modding and adventures.)
However, this is just like what happens with iPods and iPhones alike - assuming Apple is using high quality batteries (and there's no reason to assume they don't,) you shouldn't need to worry about it for many long years.

The other issue... well... have you seen the 64GB SSD option? It sounds really nice, doesn't it? Considering the extra performance, it would be a match made in heaven... until you learn of the price: an extra $1,300! Ouch!

Well, that's not enough to make me change my mind. I want one, please. And with all the extras! :)

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