Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How to Reduce Movie Piracy

Go figure... after all, it's easy to solve the movie download problem quickly and easily. All MPAA has to do is: DO THEIR MATH RIGHT!

Before: 44% due to College Students
In a 2005 study it commissioned, the Motion Picture Association of America claimed that 44 percent of the industry's domestic losses came from illegal downloading of movies by college students, who often have access to high-bandwidth networks on campus.

Now: 15%
But now the MPAA, which represents the U.S. motion picture industry, has told education groups a "human error" in that survey caused it to get the number wrong. It now blames college students for about 15 percent of revenue loss.

Reality: 3%
(...) says it doesn't account for the fact that more than 80 percent of college students live off campus and aren't necessarily using college networks. He says 3 percent is a more reasonable estimate (...)

From 44% to 3% in 3 easy steps! Wow!
And to think of all the measures they tried to enforce on University Campus, based on that report...
Now, care to check all other piracy reports to see their mistakes?

[AP via Boingboing]

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