Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photoshop Express Will Stop Stealing Your Photos

A lot has been said and praised about Photoshop Express,the free online version of the image editing software Photoshop (probably the most famous in the World.)

While this online version only has a reduced subset of the editing functions found on the desktop version, it's still more than enough for the majority of users wanting to do just some quick fixes.

There was only a small problem...
(that kind of problem that usually comes written in the smallest letters...)

Whenever you uploaded an image to edit, you were given Adobe the full rights to do whatever they pleased with your images!

This includes them claiming full ownership and being able to sell your photos as their own!

But finally, it seems they've realized they went too far, and starting on April 10, they're only claiming "those limited rights that allow us to operate the service" and won't "claim ownership of your content and won't sell your images."

[Photoshop Express terms of Use via Gizmodo]

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