Thursday, April 3, 2008

iShield Your iPhone

I consider iPhone's amazing resistance to nasty scratches on its screen to be one of its most attractive features. (Who would want to buy such a gadget knowing it would easily get scratched under daily use?) However, there are always those who care for their gadgets, and prefer doing everything in their power to keep it safe.

If that's your style, here's a mirrored stylish protective case for your iPhone, the iShield.
(On the bright side, you can always dock it on your windshield and use it as a rearview mirror! :)

When the screen is off, this cover acts just like a regular mirror; when it lights up, you're able to see the underlying iPhone screen and use its touch functions as usual.
(Though I suspect you'll have a hard time seeing what's on screen on a bright sunny day.)

This can now be yours, and it's just $29.99 away.

via [Gizmodo]

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