Monday, April 7, 2008

Seekway 3D LED Cube

It has LEDs. It changes color.

That alone would be enough to interest me; but after seeing it in motion I think everyone will be mesmerized by this 3D LED Cube from Seekway capable of playing 3D motion sequences.

This particular cube is made of 16x16x16 RGB LEDs (that's 4096 LEDs if you don't want to do the math yourself) which - though they look nice on photos - look even better on video:

Seekway is already working on the next models, which will have up to 48x48x48 LEDs (that's over 110 thousand LEDs.)

I'll sure be looking forward to seeing it in action.

via [Gizmodo]


  1. Hi,
    someone know the price of this box? ( 16x16x16 full color)?

    I also sent email to this company but they never respond :(

    I would be so happy to fill it with animations.

    Let's see

  2. Have no idea about the price, but would certainly love to have one. :)

  3. you can get this one or more then one ;-)

    have a nice day!


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