Friday, May 30, 2008

HTC Android

And the HTC Android cell phone is already showing its stuff... I'm sure lots of engineers are working overtime to get it out on the stores as soon as possible - though everyone says it will still take a while.

Because, no matter how I might consider getting a 3G iPhone, I would sincerly prefer a more "open" platform such as Android's, where I wouldn't be stuck with iTunes and similar Apple software.

Now, just explain to me why everytime they want to show up a new gadget, they show it running classic "prehistoric" games? At least it wasn't Doom...

It kind of reminds me of those that buy a new "high-tech" gadget and then use it exclusively to run emulators to play the "old games" they had in their previous gadgets... :)

But of course that's not all it can do...

You can check how easy its interface is:

... how it handles Google Maps just like a desktop computer...

And of course, the best for last:
Check how you can have a virtual window into the world, thanks to Street View and this device integrated accelerometer.

via [Android Community]

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