Friday, September 5, 2008

Picasa Web Albums now with Face Recognition

Picasa is getting smarter. Now you can use it's integrated  face recognition to help you tag your photos,

When you go to Picasa Web Albums  you now have the chance to activate its new name tag mode that will automatically find all people in your photos and allow you to easily (and quickly) tag those photos.

No longer will you have to spend endless time doing it manually one by one - or, like me, never bothering with it - until now.

I just wonder how long will it take until some people start complaining that Google is becoming to powerful and all-knowing. After all, if they can recognize you from photos... how long will it take until you can enter:
"Where was John Doe last seen?" and it will show you a frame or video clip from a number of security video cameras around the world? ;)

I imagine governments must be drooling about this kind of power...
Just lets hope Google never forgets their "do no evil" mantra. :)

And don't forget to try Picasa 3 beta as well.

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