Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chrome Tips and Tricks

As everyone is talking about Chrome (the browser from Google) nothing like learning a couple of tricks that you might have failed to notice by using it for only a couple of days.

1) Once you've downloaded a file you can drag the file directly from the download bar to the desktop or any other place you wish.

2) Check what resources a web page is using and how long it took to download each one:
Right-click on the page and select "Inspect element," and head to the "Resources" tab. Then you just need to reload the page.

3) Resize input text boxes. If your input box is feeling cramped, just click on its lower right corner and expand it to whatever size you wish.

4) And last but not least, the Omnibox has a lot of tricks of its own.

To start with, you can do all those nice calculations, rate and measurement conversions just by writing it there - just as if you were on Google's search box input.

Better yet, you can add aditional search engines by right clicking on it and selecting "Edit search engines."

You can add, for instance:
Name - Wikipedia
Keyword - wiki (this is the "shortcut" you'll type on the omnibox to trigger this search query)

(If a site implements Open Search and you use their search box, then Chrome will learn it automatically, saving you the trouble of adding it manually, using the site name as shortcut.)

But you can also use this method to do different things like translating a page:
Name - Google Translate (English)
Keyword - trans

Or even to just save you some typing:
Name - My Favorite Site
Keyword - mysite

[You can find these and some other tips at GoogleSystem]

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