Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get Firefox 3.0

Don't forget to download Firefox 3.0 later today (4h from now) and help beat the record for the most downloaded program in a 24h period.

If you have been constantly refreshing Firefox home page to see when it's available, relax. It will only be available at 10AM Pacific timezone.

Unfortunately it means that in Europe it will be around 18pm already, and most people will already be going home. So, I hope everyone downloads it at least a couple of times at home. :)

(As a suggestion: as this is a worldwide event, how about using a more detailed timetable next time? Because "July 17h" doesn't really means much these days... As some areas of the world will only be able to get it at 11pm or even on the 18th. How about GMT time next time?)

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