Sunday, July 13, 2008

Batteries that Last

No matter how great mobile devices (like the new iPhone 3G) are, there comes a time when it inevitably runs out of juice - almost always sooner than we hoped for.
(And in a worst case scenario, just when you need it the most.)

However, things might change if MTI Micro keeps its word. The MTI Micro Mobion Fuel Cell has been tried and tested and achieved 2,700 hours of continuous operation. 
Can these micro fuel cells, really revolutionize the mobile market and take it to new heights?
Let's hope so!
"Our test results are a clear indication of the technical progress we have made on performance metrics including life, degradation, temperature, and humidity levels which are required to bring products to market in the consumer electronics industry. To our knowledge, there are no other published results that match ours," said Jim Prueitt, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at MTI Micro.
If you want to learn more: how this technology works and its advantages.

via [GottaBemobile]

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