Monday, July 28, 2008

How to Install Ubuntu on the Eee PC

A frequent question that pops a lot, among Eee PC owners is:

"How do I install Ubuntu on my Eee PC?"

That's right. You may feel comfortable with Ubuntu's Live CD. But, the Eee PC (and most other netbooks) simply don't have an optical drive for you to use.

Sure, you can use an external USB drive - but lots of people don't have any.

So, how should you proceed?
Well... that's easy: you use an SD card to install Ubuntu on your Eee.

For that you'll be using UNetbootin, a simple tool that converts an ISO into a bootable SD card which you'll use on your Eee PC.

You can follow the step-by-step instructions at ArsTechnica.

Hope that helps.

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