Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yahoo to Shutdown DRM Music Servers

As usual, we're back to the same old tale: "Buy our DRM-infested music online! DRM is good for consumers!"
- and then, some years later -

"Ooops, we're shutting down our authentication servers - though luck!"

We've heard it from Microsoft before, but now it's the time for Yahoo to try and pull the rug under their music customer's legs.

Once those servers are gone, everyone with Yahoo music on their computers will be unable to transfer it to a new computer. So, if your computer breaks down... say goodbye to it all.

Their suggestion: "Please burn all your songs to CDs, and re-rip them to have full access to the songs."

Well, let's hope this serves a higher purpose, so that no one ever buys DRM'ed music again.

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