Friday, July 11, 2008

Then new iPhone 3G is HERE

Ok,today you have two options... you either go offline and wait a couple of days - or - you'll be swamped with news about iPhone 3G launch.

While I don't have the pleasure of living in NZ, we also had the luxury of a "00:01" iPhone launch here in Portugal. I'm one of the lucky few that were invited for such an event, meaning I was able to get my iPhone several hours before the majority of population.
(And we all know how "hours" feel like "centuries" when it comes to this kind of gadgets. :)

Unfortunately, not everything is that good.

While our prices are about average compared to the rest of the European countries (300 Euros + 24x 30 Euro) my main gripe with them is the unreasonable low data limit of 250MB per month.
The internet "pack" alone costs 20 Euros for 250MB - while the same operator (Vodafone) offers 600MB for 10Euros in Italy!

Well, that's something I hope will be changed soon... and I'll keep complaining until it does.

That's all for now... let me go and play with my iPhone 3G. :)


There was a payment plan change at last minute. Apparently they realized how abusive the 250MB/20Eur plan was and decided to... make it half price!
Now we get 250Mb for just 10 Euros (still far from Italy's 600MB for the same price - but hey, it's a step in the right direction.)

Also, for those choosing to pay the full price for the iPhone (499Eur) the monthly plan drops to a much more interesting 15 Euros - with 100 min talk time, 250 SMS, and the 250MB. NICE!

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