Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cellphones and WiFi - the new Plague?

Every week, we come up with studies raising caution about how bad cellphones and wireless computer networks might be for our health.

Right or wrong, one thing is certain: some people are already accusing these equipments to be the new cigarettes - and that like it happened before, that a lot of people are keeping the truth from public knowledge and discrediting these studies..

I sincerely don't know what's the case here. I don't know if those electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiations are bad for our health. I mean - I'm pretty sure it isn't "good" for us; but the question is: are they really bad enough to cause harm? That's the billion dollar question.

But let's consider that, for a moment; it has been proven that cell phones and WiFi networks are indeed harmful for your health in the long term - just like smoking.

I don't know how government and industry agencies would deal with it. If past performance is an indication, they would keep denying it for decades, and then slowly admiting that *maybe* it was indeed harmful. And then they'd introduce warnings on cell phones and WiFi devices with stickers like: "Warning - this WiFi router may be harmful to your health" "Danger - this Cell phone can Kill you" and so on...

But what I'd really like to know us: what would you do about it?
If you knew, for certain, that your cellphone - the one next to your right now - would considerably increase your chance to get cancer, and all those Wifi networks and hotspots surrounding you had the same effect... what would you do about it?

Would you still keep using your cell phone as usual, even next to your own kids - just like many smokers keep doing?
Or would you ditch your cell phones and turn odd your Wifi routers and look for "radiation free" zones wherever you went?

Today, this is an hypotethical question, but who knows... maybe we'll really have to decide what do to do about it sooner thanwe think.

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