Friday, August 1, 2008

Tethered iPhone with NetShare

A lucky few were able to get a highly requested program from Apple's AppStore this morning: it's called NetShare.

Besides being developed by the same people who brought us Installer, it finally allows us to use our iPhones as a Modem. Unfortunately it was removed after a short while.

This is completely unjustified. Just because some operators don't allow you to use your cell in tethered mode (or charge you extra for it) there are a lot other operators that do!
iPhone is now distributed worldwide, and we're entitled to using it as we want.

Besides, if people have been doing it anyway with many other brands of phones, why should the iPhone be treated differently?

Please get Netshare back on the App Store, soon!

It din't take long... Netshare is back on the App Store. :)

Now... if only Apple was as fast implementing the missing copy-paste issue... :)

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