Monday, August 11, 2008

Firefox to Lend a Hand to Internet Explorer

Just to prove how friendly Firefox and Internet Explorer development teams really are, see what they have done:

As Microsoft's Internet Explorer lags behind the implementation of the latest HTML standards - in this case the canvas element from HTML5 - one of Mozilla's engineers has decided to add that support to IE by creating an Active X for that purpose.

The web can only move forward if browsers really follow these HTML standards. Otherwise, few people would develop a "next-gen" web 3.0 site if they knew people using IE would be unable to see it as it's intended.

This way, even if Microsoft has no plans on supporting HTML standards (something that has caused major headaches for web developpers  for as long as I can remember) Mozilla has done the job for them.

What have we come to... Mozilla helping Internet Explorer... geeezzzz

And if you're curious about this "canvas" thing, check out what it can do: a 3D FPS game (also available in a textured version.)

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