Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nikon D90 with HiDef Video Capture

Here's something most prosumers and photo enthusiasts have been waiting for a long time, a video recording DSLR - and its none other then the brand new Nikon D90 capable of recording HD video.

You'll tell me: "but even lower cost cameras can do that, and have done it for some time now."

Well, yes... but those are usually compact cameras and not DSLRs... and although some DSLRs offered Live Preview, this is the first Nikon SLR capable of recording high-definition video.
(Although there are some limitations: 1280x720 @ 24fps and only 5 minute clips, and no focus changing - resulting in a 600MB file.)

But, don't forget its main purpose is taking photos, and it excels at that - after all... it's a Nikon, isn't it?

via [gizmodo e dpreview]

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