Thursday, August 28, 2008

Serious iPhone Security Flaw

There's a huge security flaw on the iPhone.

The reason is the shortcut that allows you double click the main button to access your "favorite contacts."

While this is quite useful, it was not supposed to work while the iPhone is password protected!

While the iPhone is password locked, someone can enter the emergency call mode, and then perform the double click shortcut to get into your favorites.
While that might allow someone to call someone on your contact list in a real emergency - it also opens your entire contact list to any stranger picking up your locked iPhone.

Even worse, if any of your contacts has an email, he/she can click on it and enter your email app. Sending and reading your email. Likewise, if any has a URL, you can also click on it and have full access to the Safari Browser. The same happens with SMS as well.
(What is the purpose of that "password protection" after all?)

Meanwhile, you can change the double click action in the iPhone settings section to return to the home page or enter iPod mode - both work as exepected in password locked mode, keeping the intruder away from your data and unable to use your iPhone.

1. In the iPhone home, go to Settings.
2. Click on General.
3. Click on Home Button.
4. Select either "Home" or "iPod".

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