Saturday, August 16, 2008

The tech in me: So many new world records in Olympic swimming...isn't that a bit suspicious?

This swimming pool is deeper than previous olympic pools, meaning there's a lot less "interference" in the water flow.

It was predicted well before the start of the games:

"Many people believe Water Cube to be the "fastest" Olympic pool[7] in the world. It is 1 meter deeper than most Olympic pools. Up to a certain limit, beyond which swimmers will lose their sense of vision, deeper pools allow the waves to dissipate down to the bottom, leading to less water disturbance to the swimmers. The pool also has perforated gutters on both sides to absorb the waves. Coupled with the newly introduced faster Speedo LZR Racer swim suit, it is expected that many records will fall in the Beijing Olympics."

from wikipedia

I also think it's not really fair to compare times performed under different circumstances but that has happened a lot in all events throughout the years, from faster swim suits, to composite jumping poles, to faster bikes, etc. etc.

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