Tuesday, September 16, 2008

iPhone Big Brother

Here's another cool one for you to annoy your iPhone-carrying friends.

It seems Apple's iPhone has one unadvertised feature: 'Big Brother'-style screen captures!

Everyone knows how cool the iPhone interface is, with its sliding and zooming screens moving around.

The problem is, whenever you press the "home button" - which will trigger one such effect - the iPhone stores a temporary file with a screen capture of your current screen.
This is just a temporary file that is soon deleted, but as anyone who has already recovered deleted photos from a memory card could tell you: these files aren't really deleted and are still accessible if you know how to get them.

It's isn't simple and it requires physical access to your iPhone - so, it isn't that serious for most users.

However, I wonder why the heck it is need to store a tiny 450Kb screen capture in the Flash memory for a tiny animation taking tenths of a second. Couldn't they have stored it in ram only?

Although this "feature" has already been put to good use to catch some criminal, I seriously doubt that's enough of an explanation to justify the potential security breach for millions of iPhone users worldwide.

C'mon Apple, keep the video effects in Ram only!
I wonder what kind of programmer writes screen captures to slow flash memory everytime he wants to make some effect on screen for a fraction of a second...

Source [Wired]

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