Saturday, December 27, 2008

Apple readying Gestures for iPhone

It looks like Apple is finally understanding there's still a lot to be done to make iPhone's touch keyboard even better - and the trick is... it just requires a software update.

No matter how good it may be (although some people will never get used to it) there are still lots of things that slow you down considerably: things like deleting an entire word, or phrase, etc.

But there are rumours that indicate that Apple may be about to introduce multi-touch gestures to the iPhone in a coming update.

These gestures wouldn't affect anyone not enabling it - but they would sure be appreciated by all those that spend a lot of time typing on their iPhones.
With its multitouch capabilities there would be a lot of different gestures you could use... maybe a couple of them could even implement the much needed/desired copy-paste!

Also, I would suggest Apple to do something about the annoying lag that makes the keyboard take a couple of seconds to show up sometimes. As they're bound to know, user experience is all about "instant feedback", and for something as important as a keyboard - that thing better show up instantly whenever we're expecting to type something. Even 1 or 2 seconds feel like an eternity when waiting for it...

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