Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Updates Streetview

Ok, this isn't exactly new, but in case you missed it...

Although quite useful, a lot of people still had a hard time using the streetview feature of Google Maps (and don't get me started on how awkward it is to use it on the iPhone.) That's why Google recentely revamped their streetview interface.

Now, the streetview "pegman" is always conveniently (and logically) placed at the highest zoom level location.

You can either zoom to it, or drag it around as usual. While dragging, you're now also offered a small preview of streetview whenever you hover a place for a few seconds.

You can also thank the mixed map/streetview mode, which comes in handy to learn where you have to turn when following directions.

You'll also like to hear (or not) that streetview coverage has been greatly expanded, and now covers most of the US.

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