Monday, December 22, 2008

Popcorn Hour A110 - now with WiFi .N

My favourite media player, the Popcorn Hour A110 (sorry, portuguese links - you can autotranslate it using the google link in there) just got even better. Though I've been very happy with it - they even added DTS downmix recently - there was one thing missing: WiFi.

Sure, 1TB internal storage is a lot - but most of the time its boring to copy stuff over just to watch it downstairs... away from an ethernet connection.
Also, streaming 1080p content over WiFi .G isn't enough for high bitrate movies, so... the ideal would be to have a WiFi .N (up to 270Mbps) connection to it.

Well, maybe it's our Christmas present... Popcorn Hour now has a WiFi.N USB dongle: the WN-100.
So, every A100/A110 can now definitely be considered the best there is, allowing you to watch HD movies and TV series no matter where you are, over ethernet, using its internal hard drive, or over WiFi.

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