Thursday, December 18, 2008

Undistorted Wide Angle Security Camera

Whenever we talk about wide angle security cameras, one thing springs to mind: those dreaded fisheye images. But, Tenebraex is working on a new system that will enable us to have undistorted panoramic images.

It will make this:

Become this:

The concept isn't really new: instead of a single camera with a wide area lens, they use an array of low cost cameras to capture different angles.

Of course, everything must then be analyzed, processed, and finally stitched together to provide the high quality end-result, but as you can see... it's worth the trouble.

They even say such system is cheaper than a traditional motorized camera, and some even say this can soon find its way into the automobile market - I sure wouldn't mind having that.

As a side note, Tenebraex has some other interesting products in their portfolio: full-color nightvision systems, anti-reflection filters, and even some color-blind helping software (Eyepilot).

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