Saturday, January 24, 2009

Apple Denies iPhone Nano

If you've been delaying buying an iPhone waiting for the rumoured iPhone nano, you might have a long wait ahead.

According to Tim Cook (Apple's COO) it makes no sense to split the successful iPhone App Store market by creating unecessary product segmentation. He says Apple's goal is to keep making the best smartphone out there, not the cheapest or the smallest.
Software is the key ingredient, and we believe that we are years ahead of our competitors. Having different screen sizes, different input methods, and different hardware makes things difficult for developers.

(That's what I've been telling my friends...)

But, as he mentions software, I do take this oportunity to remind him there's still a lot to be done to fix some urgent iPhone issues: not only the infamous copy-paste, but also a better SMS management (why can't we delete a single SMS message?), and a better system to organize apps - try and find the one you want in the middle of 7 or 8 screens filled with icons... (folders, maybe?)

As for an eventual Apple netbook, he also denies it - at least for now.
I think it would make more sense to launch a netbook-shell, something you could dock your iPhone into and have a keyboard, larger LCD, maybe even an extra battery. That's something they could certainly provide at the same cost of a regular netbook and still attract lots of users wanting to type larger documents in their iPhones. At any moment you would just pop it up and place it in your pocket and keep going... True mobility with none of the hassle of having to deal with syncing, extra wireless internet access plans, etc.

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