Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to free Memory on the iPhone

Remember my last post about that Free Memory App for the iPhone?

After some testing from a friend of mine (the best #1 novelty tester for anything iPhone related - and more :) here's what he found out.

It's not uncommon for the iPhone to drop to sub-5MB free memory every once in a while. There are several official Apple apps that seem to keep running in the background, using precious memory (Safari, Email, Contacts, etc.)
Even if you don't have the Free Memory app, you'll most likely feel some of its symptoms: opening apps takes slightly longer, the keyboard takes longer to show up, some "lag" from the moment you lock the iPhone to the moment you actually hear the locking sound - the same for the vibration after switching to silent mode.

Well, the real "discovery" was that apparently you can free some memory even without using this specific (and paid) free memory app.

By simply turning the WiFi off and on again, it freed about 20MB of memory!

(I guess using the airplane mode should have a similar effect.).

You should immeditaly notice a faster feedback whenever you lock your iPhone, set it to silent mode, or use the onscreen keyboard.
Althogh this isn't an excuse - Apple better deal with this in the next firmware update - it might save you a reset in order to run some memory intensive app.

(It doesn't get us the free 40MB we get after resetting, but... it's a start.)

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