Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Google Sync

At last! You'll no longer be forced to jailbreak your iPhone to sync it with your Google contacts and calendars.

Just head to their new Google Sync service and wirelessly sync all your scheduled tasks and contacts with your iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices.

Though there are still some issues to be fixed, this is certainly a major breakthrough for all those desperately wanting to keep all their data in sync.

Funny that Google had to use Microsoft's Activesync technology to pull this stunt - while Apple has yet to deliver their "push" service they so vigorously announced at the iPhone 3G launch.

Let's hope this new Google Sync service is enough to "push" them into delivering what so many iPhone users are still waiting for.

Just a word of warning: keep in mind that syncing your contacts will clear all your existing iPhone contacts - be sure to make a backup first (or choose to sync just the calendars.)

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