Wednesday, March 11, 2009

App Store Rejects Tweetie Update

It is no secret Apple's App Store approval/rejection process for iPhone Apps works in mysterious ways, but they're really striving to make it look even weirder!

Just look at what happened yesterday with the update for the popular Twitter iPhone client Tweetie. This App has always been available in the App Store without any problem, but the developer was surprised to see this update rejected because:

The program contained offensive language!

The "problem" is, that "offensive" language showed up in the Twitter trends, something that has nothing to do with the program itself but is based in real-time statistics of the most common words used by Twitter users. Using the same reasoning, they'd have to ban Safari because you can google for offensive words just as easily!

Fortunately, the developer was willing to put up with this and he quickly sent them several screenshots of other Twitter apps in the App Store, showing exactly the same "foul" language - after which they revised their decision and allowed the update (duh!)


I hope Apple takes this opportunity to real revise the way they're managing this approval process.
As it is now it reminds me MPAA's rating system - for which I strongly recommend you watch This Film is Not Yet Rated.

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