Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0

Today's highlight is Apple's iPhone OS update that was presented yesterday late afternoon.
So, what can we expect from the upcoming OS 3.0?

Copy Paste

At last! Copy-paste is finally coming!

You can duplo-tap over some words and easily choose a text area to copy and paste elsewhere.
If you want to undo an operation, just shake your iPhone.

Copy paste works with photos as well. You can even copy-paste several photos and send it in a single email.

The much need update to the "messy" nine pages app flicking arrives in the form of spotlight. An extra search page to the left of your home screen allows you to easily search most of your iPhone data: apps, contacts, places, music...
Everything will now be a lot easier to find.

Mail, Calendar and iPod Search

Besides spotlight, you can now search in most other iPhone places, like these much needed areas: mail, calendar and iPod.

3G Tethering
Apple now officially supports 3G tethering, meaning you'll be able to use your iPhone as an internet access point for your laptop or any other devices, over USB or bluetooth.
However, it's up to the cell phone carriers to allow it or not.

Landscape mode Keyboar
If you write a lot, you'll be pleased to know that you'll be able to easily write SMS, emails, notes, and everything else in landscape mode, with a larger easier to use touchscreen keyboard..

For those still using it, the iPhone will have native MMS support (though you could still send/receive it using 3rd party Apps.)
I'll continue to prefer emails tough...

SMS management has been revamped, and besides having "subjects", you can now delete one or several sms messages in a conversation.
Call list has also been enhanced.

Stereo Bluetooth A2DP audio
If you can't stand wires, you'll now be able to wirelessly stream your audio over bluetooth.

Voice Notes
No need for extra 3rd party apps. The iPhone now supports voice notes without extra hassle.

Send/receive Files
Exchanging files with neighboring iPhones will now be possible without messy workarounds.

Peer to peer
Thanks to Bluetooth, you'll be able to easily connect to nearby iPhones and exchange information between them. Multiplayer games will probably appreciate this new feature.

Push Notifications

Apple's answer to background running Apps (which they say seriously hurts performance and battery life) are push notifications - let's hope this time its for real!
Can't wait to finally have an instant messaging application that really works on the iPhone without worrying if I accidentally close it.

Developer News
Anyone can now use and embed the geolocation services and maps into their apps.
Also, there's a new VoIP framework that will make it very easy for anyone to implement voice chat into their games or messaging apps.
Rumble (vibration) feature is now open for anyone to use.
Standard API for audio recording.
Accessing your iPhone music library from 3rd party apps.

App Store
The App Store has also received some enhancements. Publishers can now offer subscribed paid content.
Any app can also use in-app store access, so you can buy additional content from within the app

How much will it cost?
This update will be free for every iPhone owner; and cost $9.95 for iPod Touchs.

It should be publicly available by June/July.

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