Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mobile Blogging via SMS and MMS

If you've been wondering how you can keep posting to your blog when you're on vacations or away from a computer, you'll be pleased to hear about Blogger's mobile blogging tools.

If you like using the latest technologies, you'll probably be using draft.blogger.com already, and you're likely to have noticed the new icons next to each of your blogs.

Next to the email to blog feature (which was already available) you now have a small cell phone icon; that's where you can configure your SMS and MMS to blogger functionality.

You can even start a brand new blog from your cell phone if you want.

There are no more excuses to keep you from posting wherever you are...
Mobile blogging on old mobile phones can be very tedious, however if you pick up one of the lastest Android or iPhone smartphones, things can be a lot easier!

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    Thanks for the comment Betty. Hope you keep enjoying reading it as much as I love writing it. :)


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