Thursday, May 7, 2009

OffiSync - MS Office meets Google Docs

Have you ever wished ypu could have all the sharing and collaborative editing features of Google Docs with the more advanced functions of a native desktop application like Microsoft Office?

Well... now you can. Just see what OffiSync has to offer:


  1. Very very cool. I love MS Office Live [1] because of its seamless integration with Office 2007 Suite. Now Offisync provides same integration with Google Docs. A dream come true.

    My only concerns are about how Offisync handles my credentials during the authentication phase. Is the authentication channel secure?

    Has anyone performed security assessment of Offisync, if so, I would love to hear from them. Thanks!

    1.] because of its seamless intergration with Office 2007

  2. As an Office user, I think this is great. Microsoft (and others) offer similar free and paid services that integrate nicely with MS Office (but use other back ends other than Google docs). The more the merrier.

    I think this is another validation that Microsoft’s strategy of Software + Services rather than just cloud services alone is right on the money. Some solutions are best as just a service, some are best as just software, but MOST are best as an integrated form of both.


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