Sunday, May 10, 2009

Protect your iPhone with GadgetTrack

Are you concerned your precious iPhone might be stolen at any moment?

Better be safe than sorry... First thing you should do is to ensure you have an updated backup to protect all your data, contacts, photos, music, etc. This is simple to do, as iTunes will do it for you as long as you sync your iPhone frequently.

However, if you hope to recover your iPhone once it has been stolen, you might find GadgetTrack useful.

This GadgetTrack for the iPhone (available also for other cellphones, and computers) allows you to track where you equipment is.

The process is simple:

  1. Download the free GadgetTrack App from the App Store.
  2. Choose your home page in "Settings" under "GadgetTrak".
  3. Check your iPhone serial number (you can see it in iTunes when you select your iPhone.)
  4. Run the App, register for free (email and password)
  5. Go to and log in to enable the service. 
  6. When you run the App in your iPhone, it will open your selected homepage exactly like Safari -but it will be sending GPS coordinates and many more info to gadgettrack's website, allowing you to know where it is.
  7. As you can't have background running Apps on the iPhone, we need to resort to "tricking" the burglar into running this app.
  8. That's why GadgetTrack's icon looks similar to iPhone's own browser Safari. You just need to switch the icon placement in your iPhone screen. Putting GadgetTrak where Safari usually is.
  9. If you iPhone gets stolen, the burglar will be fooled into running the gadgettrack app while thinking he's running Safari. You just need to login to your GadgetTrack account and find where it is - and pass that information to the police. 

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