Saturday, June 27, 2009

Firefox 3.5 arrives on June 30

Get ready, it's nearly here: Firefox 3.5 the version that will mark the transition from the old pre-HTML5 web to a newer and more exciting internet.

Besides the mouch touted video tags, that allow us (at last) to embed a video in a web page without requiring 3rd party plugins, and local DB offline storage, there are a lot of new stuff under the hood - things you can find in the 35 days of Firefox 3.5 where you'll see examples of previously "impossible" things you couldn't do on the web.

Of course, much of it relies on the new and much improved Javascript performance. It even allows you to implement seamcarving resizing in realtime (just as an example, but... would you even consider it doing it in javascript until now?)

Or maybe you're more of a video kind of guy; how about using javascript to create a realtime pop-art video version of another video?

I've been using Firefox 3.5 RC2 for some time now, and have no big issued to point out. So, this will certainly be a  required update if you'd like to keep up with the improving web standards.

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