Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to Install Windows 7 on a Netbook

If you like trying out new things, the time to play around with Microsoft's latest Windows 7 couldn't be better - Windows 7 RC can be downloaded for free and it will work for a full year.

This is a Release Candidate version, and as such can still contain some bugs... but for the most part it should work as intended.

(Just keep in mind that this version will stop working on June 1st 2010; and as a "warning" it will shutdown every couple of hours after May 1st 2010.)

If for most cases installing a new OS is straightforward - downloading the ISO and burning a DVD - the thing isn't so simple when you want to install it in a netbook with no optical drive.

It's not impossible... you just need to use a bootable USB drive.

You'll need a USB flash drive (4GB or larger.)
And your netbook better have 1GB Ram and over 8GB of disc space.

Then you'll just need to prep the USB for Windows7 bootable installation. Follow the following guides depending on your current OS:

Windows XP
Windows Vista

Or, you can also try some netbook specific Windows 7 how-to guides:

Aspire One
Dell Mini
MSI Wind
HP Mini-Note

You'll be running Windows 7 in no time.

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