Monday, June 29, 2009

iPhone 3GS gets Hot... Really HOT

It seems Apple's new iPhone model isn't quite bug-proof as you'd expect.

The iPhone 3Gs can be quite a hot comodity... to the point you can't even confortably handle it, and "toasting" its plastic enclosure.

Unless this is a problem affecting just some defective models, it's most likely caused by a charging/power saving bug in its firmware.

Even my 3G model once got really hot while charging - and though it just happened once, I believe it was something that was fixed in later firmware updates.

So, I expect Apple swiftly readies a OS 3.0.1 update to correct these (and other) flaws as soon as possible, people are tired of paying for "top" hardware and being treated as beta testers.

Or else, don't be surprised if people start using extreme cooling techniques, like... dropping your iPhone in a swimming pool.

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