Saturday, June 20, 2009

iPhone 3GS WAF

For many, the fact that the new iPhone 3GS is so much alike the old 3G model is something to be concerned about.

After all, when you upgrade your gadgets, you want it to be something different, something that will be instantly recognized as the latest/badest gadget in town.

However, if you already owned an iPhone 3G and you replace it for a 3GS, very few people (or most likely: none) will even notice you changed it...

But, I think this is quite a big bonus!

Although most people might spend their money as they wish without worrying about someone else, for other things can be slightly more complicated.... And buying a new gadget might require quite a deal of family discussion.

After spending hundreds of dolars just last year (and probably promissing not to do it again for at least a couple of years) your hopes to upgrade to the new 3GS model might seem... hopeless. Unless...

Well - I'm not saying you should do anything behind your partner's back - but... considering they look so much alike... Would he/she notice it if you happen to use your super-secret-hidden-emergengy-gadget-affordability-fund to get the new iPhone 3GS?

Don't blame me... this is just some WAF tactic you're free to consider...! :)

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