Friday, June 12, 2009

Projecto Natal and Jimmy Fallon

Microsoft's Project Natal has been talked much about lately.
Well, now you can see a real live demo of it, because it was shown last night in Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and the results... well, better see it for yourself:

So, what do you think... will this Natal revolutionize the way we play games, or will it be just a gimmick that will come and go as many others?


  1. OMG! That looks amazing. I love my Wii, but that get's me seriously tempted to get an Xbox. I reckon that could be a killer app.

    Seems like they've disabled embedding of the video, but if you just click it then it will take you to the YouTube page to watch it.

  2. Grrr... these YouTube guys always changing permissions...


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