Saturday, June 13, 2009

Windows 7 Versions - Disk space Used

Is it just me that thinks Windows 7 takes a lot of disk space?
Someone took the time to clean install the different versions of Windows 7 and check how much space each took.

The results:
  • Home Premium - 13.1GB
  • Professional - 10.8GB
  • Home Basic - 10.71GB
  • Starter Edition - 11.16GB
  • Ultimate - 13.4GB

... I was complaining about Win7 RC tooking almost 8GB of space... and now I find that Premium and Ultimate versions take over 13GB.

Why couldn't Microsoft keep most of the unneeded files (90%?) compressed or something?
(or at least give use the option to delete all the "junk" and get it from the internet when needed?)

via [PauloBarata]


  1. i am curious why starter edition consume space more than professional version..hmm...

  2. Probabaly has the full "Ultimate version" in there as well, so that the user can unlock it when/if he/she upgrades. ;)


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