Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baseball Magic Call Tracking

Sports having superimposed tracking effects to better show its "balls" trajectories are nothing new (you've probably seen it in Golf already) but now Baseball is doing the same... in real time:

Though it's simple too look at, the hardware involved is quite complex...

The Ball Tracker utilizes a low-power Doppler radar operating at 2000 Hz to monitor the speed, location and spin of the ball. 400ms after it leaves the bat, an advanced algorithm has already predicted its path, and continually matches it with its real position.

That means it can immediately predict where's the ball is going to land, and show it to viewers in the form of a colored comet tail placed behind the ball in the TV screen. If it's a big hit, the color would turn from yellow to green (as seen on the video.)

The radar hardware is so precise it can even detect the stitching on the ball, allowing for calculations regarding its axis of rotation and speed.


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