Thursday, July 2, 2009

EZTV is Down

Some of you may have noticed that the EZTV site has been down for the last couple of days ... but don't worry, it will return promptly.

Here's what's happening with it:
EZTV Website down due to hardware issues, we are looking into the matter.

*update* (06/30/09)
Talk about news! With TPB changing ownership and all that crazy kind
of stuff, we are deciding to move our servers to a different datacenter.
What does this means to you guys? Unfortunately it means there will be
a few more days of downtime while we get our servers transfered
to the new location. We seem to be having the best of luck lately!
We are still releasing shows which you can find in the links below.
Thanks to for the temp webspace to host these notices.
- NovaKing

*update* (06/28/09)
Our main server is down and is in process of being fixed.
We are still releasing shows and you can find them in the links below.
Sorry about this hiccup, we do apologise for this and hope to be back and
fully operational soon.
- NovaKing

*update* (06/29/09)
We have taken this downtime period to do some updates to the website
and the server. To everyone that have been coming up with theories
about what happened, you are all wrong :)
We have not been raided, there is no legal concerns, it is simply
a bad situation that we are hoping to benefit from.
We hope to be back up and operational soon.
- NovaKing

Useful links while we are down:
EZTV @ twitter
EZTV @ thepiratebay
EZTV @ mininova
EZTV @ bt-chat
EZTV @ zoink


  1. hmmmm... sounds fishy

  2. You can use Ipodnova ( instead - the downloads are heaps faster! You will just have to convert the mp4 to avi


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