Monday, July 6, 2009

Intel readies 2nd Gen SSDs

While most of still dream with  Intel's X25-E SSD ans its 250-200MB/s read/write performance, Intel is ready to give us some more good news.

Intel is about to announce its 2nd gen SSDs which will be bigger, better, faster and... cheaper; thanks to their new 34nm NAND chips.

It seems we're running out of excuses not to have one of these SSDs in our computers.


  1. Other vendors have released their 3rd generation SSD and still don't compare to Intel's first gen!
    The Indilinx are good 2nd placers, but when Intel brings these bad boys out, I think the competition will be chasing the Delorean that just reached 88 MPH!

    Sung Young Gui

  2. Yes, it's not only what hardware they have, but *how* each manufacturer uses it.


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