Sunday, July 19, 2009

Netbooks get HD Video Accelerator Cards

Remember the time when a lucky few could spend a lot of money to have an MPEG video accelerator card in their PCs, so that they could watch DVD video in their computers? (I know it now sound ludicrous, but indeed it was true back then.)

Well, it seems we're back to the same thing, with HP giving you the chance to add a high-definition video accelerator card to your HP Mini 110.

  • The good: costing just $30 it isn't that expensive - especiall.y when compared to the price these things had back in the DVD days.)
  • The bad: it will soon be obsolete, just like the regular MPEG accelerator, as hardware evolves and chips like Tegra make FullHD video playing/recording as easy as regular low-def video.

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